Our Technology

Professional Billing Services has proprietary technology that allows us to turn your information into a competitive advantage. We can quickly and easily interface into almost any patient registration system.

For medical billing, this means there is no change required when you choose to work with us. We will establish a secure connection to upload patient demographics, insurance information and medical reports. The information is electronically sent through our e-Interface and deposited into our billing system. Our proprietary system accelerates the coding process by populating key fields and presenting the report on a full screen for coders to key in pertinent information swiftly.

Our Technology Center is located in Corvallis, OR where over 400,000 procedures are processed annually. The secure server room is temperature controlled to ensure long-term integrity of our systems. We have a real-time, redundant system on site. This is to ensure if there are issues with one system, we will not skip a beat and can continue to perform while that system is being repaired. Daily, we back-up all system data to account for any on-site disasters or data corruption on any given day.

There are many reasons our clients have turned to us for managing their information. What isn't as transparent but is equally as important is our technology experience, consistency and compliance sensitivity.