Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I receiving a bill from Corvallis, Oregon?

Medical Information Management (MIM) is a medical billing company located in Corvallis, Oregon. At MIM, we bill for physicians throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Why did I receive a bill? Did you bill my insurance?

At MIM, we make every effort to obtain payment from your insurance company. There are several situations when you will receive a bill from us after we have billed your insurance. For example:

Why did I receive a radiology bill?

Medical Information Management (MIM) bills on behalf of the radiologist who performed the professional reading of your recent diagnostic imaging services. The radiologist interprets the service and sends the findings to your referring physician. Radiology services can include: X-rays, CTs, MRIs, Ultrasounds, Nuclear Medicine, Interventional and Mammograms.

When you have a diagnostic imaging service you will receive a bill from the facility for the technical portion of the service and a separate bill from the radiologist for the professional portion of the service.

The technical portion of the bill is the facility's fee for equipment, technicians and other operating expenses. The facility's bill for the technical service will need to be paid to the facility where your services were rendered.

Please mail payment for the radiologist's bill to our office to ensure payment is properly applied to your account. If you see the Visa/Mastercard logo on your statement, you can make a credit card payment online or over the phone at 800-672-7210. If paying by check, please make your check out to the radiologist group on your statement.

Why must a radiologist read my exam?

A radiologist is a physician specially trained to interpret your diagnostic imaging service. Your facility has contracted with a radiologist to provide you with up to date professional interpretation of your diagnostic imaging service to ensure you receive an excellent standard of care.